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We can help you to assure competence across your business

We offer a comprehensive competence assurance and management service. You can select from our range of auditing tools to verify your in-house competence - or engage us to assess and verify competence.

Competence management, development and assurance are on-going commitments that we can help you meet. We identify areas for operational enhancement; deliver competence development strategy and training; assess progress and continue to assure and manage competence on an on-going basis.

Our competence assurance and management services include:

You can be confident in the competence of your workforce through our:

  • Trained and responsive verifiers
  • User-friendly digital tools and systems
  • Internationally recognised assessors and verifiers
  • World-class training centres and centre management

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Providing real time visibility of workforce competence.

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Learn how we're enhancing workforce capability within the oil and gas industry