Rope access

Access a safer, more efficient way of working

Within our operations and maintenance service line, we offer specialist rope access solutions that support a wide range of offshore requirements. All of our multi-skilled operatives are IRATA qualified. Ranging from Level 1 to Level 3, they can access even the hardest to reach work areas, safely and efficiently.

Benefits of rope access:

  • Improved safety

Statistically one of the safest work at height methods. Our teams and equipment meet vigorous standards

  • Reduced downtime

A quicker and more flexible means of access than scaffolding

  • Cost efficient

Requires less equipment, fewer operatives and a smaller team to set up

  • Multi-skilled teams

Utilising existing core crew improves efficiency and reduces the number of people on board

  • Space saving

Rope access equipment takes up less space and is easier to store compared to other access methods

  • Access the hard to reach

A quick and efficient way for operatives to access hard to reach areas


Services we deliver:


Our rope access solutions support the entire asset lifecycle

Our integrated approach

From the provision of competent and skilled labour, through to managed Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and asset management services, we tailor our solutions to deliver in alignment with the operating philosophy of the asset and the strategic needs of each client.

To find out how we can support your needs, contact our rope access team.


Petrofac is proud to be IRATA certified


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