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Late life management and decommissioning come sharply into focus at the final phases of the asset life cycle.

At Petrofac we utilise the breadth and depth service capability to bring real added value to clients with assets approaching the late life and decommissioning phases.

We offer an integrated capability supporting the late life landscape – from studies and production enhancement activities, brownfield engineering and operations to planning and well plugging and abandonment. And, through our strategic partnerships, can provide removal and waste disposal services and management thereof. We deliver these services as single, discrete activities or integrated to offer a complete managed solution; allowing clients to focus their time and resources elsewhere in their portfolios.

The strategic drivers during the late life phase are very different to ongoing operations. These require the teams to develop a ‘project’ rather than ‘operations’ mind set and culture. Through early engagement, while an asset is still producing, we begin the process towards an effective decommissioning culture, while at the same time we aim to reduce operating costs, and where possible, extend the asset life to push out the decommissioning liability for as long as possible and maximise planning and preparation.

By its nature, any decommissioning solution needs to be highly-cost effective and asset specific. We have a reputation for creating tailored, asset-specific strategies aligned with these aims and we are amassing significant track record in support of our clients.

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Late Life Duty Holder: a model focused on helping our clients effectively push out the cessation of production date and extend asset life. We work with operators to eliminate waste and inefficiencies to safely increase production and uptime. By engaging with us at the earliest stage, we can use our asset knowledge shape a range of early-interventions and cost-effective measures to reduce the eventual cost of removal.

Duty Holder in decommissioning: for non-producing assets, we tailor our Duty Holder model to help clients reduce OPEX and ABEX through manpower optimisation, maintenance simplification and the use of bespoke shared services and control management systems.

Well engineering: from feasibility through well construction and plug and abandonment, our capability covers decommissioning cost estimation, studies, detailed design, (de)construction, asset removal and project management.

Engineering: from concept and feasibility studies to enhanced production methodologies, cost estimating and options analysis, our capability is extensive. It includes operations, engineering, (de)construction and removal considerations, structural and marine assurance, lifting analysis and technical safety spanning topsides, jackets, pipelines, subsea pipelines and terminals. Our solutions are fully scalable, enhanced by our offshore construction experience. Decommissioning cost estimates are prepared using an in-house software tool that allows for easy comparison of competing asset retirement technologies.

Optimised maintenance: using a structured methodology for the assessment of maintenance and inspection activities, we can help operators optimise an asset’s workload and workforce during late life. The process engages stakeholders whilst optimising resources. Using our asset management software, BuildME™, we can ensure that safety, environmental and business risks are addressed throughout the asset life cycle by managing maintenance and inspection activities as required. BuildMe™ allows for a number of different decommissioning scenarios to be assessed simultaneously.

Supply chain management: we have an extensive vendor and subcontractor network, including experience with heavy lift vessel selection, management, waste and logistics.

Emergency Response and Crisis Management (ERCM): we have over 20 years’ experience developing, implementing and maintaining clients’ training and crisis-management systems. The service includes preparation of emergency response plans and procedures for dealing with major accident hazards on high-risk sites.

HSE: as an organisation which provides installation, well, pipeline and COMAH operator from operations into decommissioning, we maintain full capability for health, safety and environmental protection. Our competence spans occupational, industrial and process safety relevant to operations and maintenance, engineering and construction and achieving regulatory compliance. As Duty Holder we maintain positive relationships with regulatory bodies.

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