Managed solutions

The outsourced management of assets is a core competence for Petrofac.

We manage our clients’ oil and gas assets, helping them improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, lower lifting costs and when required, prepare for decommissioning.

We pioneered this outsourced approach to the management of assets in 1997. Today, we are still proud to be the market leader with unrivalled experience. We support single asset operations and asset clusters as well as infrastructure on and offshore. This includes topsides, jackets, subsea, pipelines and terminals, fixed and floating assets.

Our approach is asset specific and we ‘think like an operator’. We align our approach with each client’s asset strategy to deliver performance enhancing results and bottom line value.

For new entrant operators seeking to purchase oil and gas infrastructure, we provide early asset diligence and invaluable operational insights. We work in partnership with you through the asset purchase process - including the safety case development - and ensure a safe and seamless transition into operations.

We have enabled the establishment of eight new entrant operators so far. We supported them through the asset diligence, purchase, transition and operational readiness stages and have gone on to help them create and maintain safe and effective operations with our support.

We work with existing and established operators too, often in support of mature or late life assets. Here, we look for innovative approaches to deliver cost-effective production growth or lower operating costs, in line with the strategic aims of our clients.

A critical aspect of our support is our deep understanding of, and alignment to industry regulations and operating standards, such as the 2015 Safety Case Regulations in the UKCS.

Our services include:

We support you through each step of the process.