Security and crisis management

We work in some challenging environments with fast-changing security issues.

Our aim is to protect our employees, partners and assets in a responsible manner, and to prevent any security-related disruption to our operations. Our security team is closely integrated into the wider HSE community, and our Security Policy sets out the responsibilities of our leadership and each of our business units.

Cyber-security and data protection

In response to rapidly evolving data security risks, and to support Petrofac’s wider digitalisation initiatives, we have a strong focus on cyber-security and data protection.

We stepped-up our programme and have recently started a number of noteworthy initiatives:

  • Enhancing our threat detection capabilities and threat-hunting capabilities by leveraging machine learning-based detection systems
  • Improving our threat intelligence capabilities, with an emphasis on region- and industry-specific threats
  • Extending our cyber-security awareness programmes to cover vendors and third parties to create a culture of cyber risk awareness across our supply chain
  • Continuing our phishing simulation tests and awareness programme to ensure our employees remain aware of the latest phishing techniques and to create a strong and dynamic cyber- security culture
  • Continuing the assessment of cyber-security risks with regular vulnerability assessments, penetration tests and Red Team exercises

Cyber-security remains a key priority in all our digitalisation initiatives, and we ensure that appropriate security protection is embedded from the initial ideation and conceptual phases.