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I joined Petrofac nine months ago…
to work on the TurkStream Project as a HSSE Advisor. I heard about the job from my friend. I’ve been doing HSSE-related reporting, and putting together documentation, providing field reports to guide on HSSE and safety practices. Before this project, I was a HSE Engineer on the STAR Refinery in Turkey for three years.

We have built this terminal to receive natural gas… from Anapa in Russia and distribute it to Turkey and other places in Europe through underground pipelines. Thousands of people worked on the project and our primary aim in HSSE is to provide a safe, secure and healthy working environment while avoiding incidents. Our aspiration is zero harm, zero incidents and 100% safety, in order to protect our people, assets and the local environment.

Being a woman on a construction site can be quite hard... You have to be very effective at communication and if you feel there is something wrong you should express any concerns you have about safety. I enjoy working at Petrofac; the company looks after its people and particularly its female workers – I think women’s careers in the industry need to be improved and increased.

It was a really big moment… when we received natural gas in the receiving plant for the first time, for me, Petrofac, our subcontractors and all of the workers. It’s been an honour to be part of this project. It’s an engineering masterpiece and it is of great importance to Turkey’s strategic goals. It is also a major achievement to complete this project with more than five million LTI-free manhours (lost-time incidents). I would like to thank all my colleagues for their collaboration and effort.

I like being able to touch human lives… while I’m doing my job and through my daily routine. HSSE affects people and the environment in a positive way. We can also help to raise awareness of safety culture through training. Just one session can change someone’s mind and behaviour.


“Our aspiration is zero harm, zero incidents and 100% safety.”




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