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Unni Raja is an HR Adviser – Business Partner, working for Petrofac Engineering and Production Services in Aberdeen on a secondment from Sharjah. He and his wife relocated earlier this year with their two boys, aged four and seven.

“My family and I arrived in Aberdeen from India in April – and we went straight into quarantine. By early May after the quarantine days, it was snowing!

“During quarantine the whole HR team would call regularly just to check how I and my family were doing – they could have said, ‘OK, he’s left us now’ but they didn’t. And here in Aberdeen the HR team dropped off food and so many toys and books for my children. That’s what I call inclusion, being made to feel valued. The personal touch and empathy is very motivating.

My colleagues in both countries knew the move world be a culture shock, and have been incredibly supportive in terms of recommending where to stay, good schools etc. My colleagues will often give me suggestions for places to explore locally with the kids at weekends.

“Before I came out to Aberdeen I was able to take some leave and visit my parents in India. While I was out there you could see the country was about to become ‘red-listed’ because of covid and my colleagues made all the arrangements to get me out without any hassle. They’ve just smoothed the path for me at every stage.

“My background is on the resourcing side. Petrofac could have just used me in that role but instead they’ve helped me realise my full potential, they’ve given me opportunities to study, and sent me to Brunei for two months to support the local HR team. And now here. “To be given opportunities and feel there’s a plan for you, that you’re valued for your potential not just what you’ve done before – that’s real inclusion.

“I have never felt I’m an employee, but that Petrofac is our company. I always think, what would the CEO do here, to make our stakeholders happy, to be safe and cost-conscious? You feel part of something much bigger than yourself.”



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“During quarantine my old boss would call regularly just to check how I was doing.”

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