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Amina Benhamadi is HR Team Lead in Algiers. She graduated from the Algerian school of business ESAA with a master’s in management and interned at Schlumberger, before joining Petrofac in 2015.

“Inclusion is crucial for our wellbeing. We spend most of our day at work and it is important to feel good in our workplace. We individually have the responsibility to create a pleasant environment and be willing to accept colleagues in all their diversity.

“Of course we’re not all going to be aligned in the way that we think, but as part of the company we are united under the same values. We accept others and make them feel valued and in the same way we expect this is return.  

“The company has a big role in creating the right environment, in building and communicating the ideal. It has to train people, explain how to do it, and monitor them. We are a people-based company and inclusion must emanate from the people.

“I joined with little experience, and was given the opportunity to show my capabilities and skills, listed to and given the chance to express my opinions and ideas.

“Forget about social differences and embrace being part of the company. Inclusion is not only about integration, it’s more than that. It’s more emotional in the sense that it’s about feeling part of something bigger than you and your role.

“Do that, and the company will welcome you with all the diversity you carry. Always remember to step up to reach out to a greater future!”



Inclusion crucial to wellbeing

“I’ve never felt I wasn’t listened to and I’ve been able to rise in the company.”

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