AOG Energy

15-17 March 2023

Decommissioning is a journey where many routes can be taken to arrive at your destination. Selection of the route, bringing all stakeholders on the journey, and alignment of a mutually beneficial destination are critical in successful decommissioning execution.

Join our expert in decommissioning, Ross Provan, as he shares extensive, and unique, decommissioning experiences. Where he has encountered bumps in the road and the actions taken to deliver effective and efficient decommissioning outcomes.

Wednesday 15 March at 11:00am

Navigating decommissioning: the route, the journey and the destination

AOG, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia
Industry supply forum, Australia’s Evolving Decommissioning Decade

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Thursday 16 March at 3:00pm

Does decommissioning start once production stops?

AOG, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia
CODA Decommissioning Hub stand

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Ross Provan - Global Decommissioning Manager

Ross Provan

Global Decommissioning Director

Josie Philips

Regional Director Asia Pacific, Well Engineering