Asset integrity and assurance

Ensuring the integrity of our operating assets

We’re committed to designing, building and operating assets that are safe, reliable and meet or exceed their specified purpose.

Key to this is our Asset Integrity Framework, which enables us to take a structured and consistent approach to integrity across all Group operations.

As we often operate ageing assets, it is particularly important for us to take a rigorous approach to asset integrity management. During 2019, the Group was responsible for managing and ensuring the integrity of 18 operating assets. To assist clients with their operations, we also seek to apply these asset integrity principles across the wider Group services.

Reflecting on our asset integrity performance

In evaluating our asset integrity performance, our main area of focus is managing process safety hazards and reducing high potential incidents (HiPos).

In 2019, three such HiPos were recorded (down from five in 2018). As well as investigating and addressing these incidents, a focus of activity was the replacement of walkways on the Arenque C Platform in Mexico, which had contributed to a 2018 incident.

We significantly reduced the impact of vandalism-related pipeline integrity failures through remote sensing enhancements.

Seeking continuous improvement in asset integrity

We continue to review and enhance our approach to asset integrity and assurance. Developments in 2019 included:

  • Enhancing our key performance indicators and improving our reporting – following an in-depth review of our existing Asset Integrity KPIs against industry best practice, we implemented a new software tool, with dashboards, to better communicate the true condition of Petrofac-operated assets. This was launched in 2019, with Group-wide roll-out planned for 2020
  • Increasing engagement with the operational teams – a focus for 2019 was to encourage an asset’s operational teams to be more mindful of asset integrity matters, and to formalise their responsibilities within the Asset Integrity Assurance Framework. This included the launch of a new online Asset Integrity Learning Centre.

Providing additional support to the commissioning and early operational phase of projects

Increasingly, clients are asking us to provide commissioning services, and to manage the initial operations of facilities we build. In response, the Asset Integrity team has been developing guidance to ensure that potential hazards are fully understood and effectively managed by on-site personnel. This includes a more consistent and rigorous approach to Pre-Start-up Safety Reviews (PSSRs) and Go/NoGo processes, which make better use of digital technologies.

Asset integrity services

Our experience and expertise in asset integrity management means we can offer tailored services to a wide range of clients.

Find out more about our client approach to Asset Integrity Assurance and how we help businesses manage their asset lifecycles.

"Delivering and assuring asset integrity is critical to our business and aligned with Petrofac’s commitment to protect the health, safety and security of our employees, those  involved in our operations, the public  and the environment."

Brent Pasula, Group Head HSSEIA


Read our Asset Integrity Management policy

Our Framework helps us to take a structured and consistent approach to asset integrity across all our operations