Petrofac has a formal corporate giving strategy focusing on initiatives that:

  • Promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education
  • Improve employability and access to education for young people from marginalised groups

Promoting STEM education helps meet demand for skilled workers in the labour market in all geographies and links to our own training and skills development approach, for example our graduate training programme. Helping young people from poorer areas access education and find work is vital for development and relevant in all our operating countries.

Find out more about how we promote STEM education through our partnerships with the Royal Academy of Engineering and Kincorth Academy

Our strategic corporate giving also covers initiatives designed to enhance employee engagement. For example, we support employee matched funding programmes.  We also make a range of donations to charities relevant to our employees or located close to our offices.

A notable development for 2016 was a new regulation in India, requiring us to spend at least 2% of our in-country revenues on CSR initiatives. With large technical service centres in Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai, this has seen us invest over US$100,000 on education programmes targeting underprivileged children. We are sponsoring the Smile Foundation’s education programme and the Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad welfare programme.


We have a long-standing partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE)