Community development

We typically conduct community development initiatives when we act as the operator of a client’s asset.

Where our operations are located close to local communities, we generally work with stakeholders to plan and implement initiatives that will benefit local people, such as skills training, creating opportunities for local labour, and investing in local supply chains.


2017 investment: US$1.8 million

We support a large range of projects related to sustainable livelihoods.
In Tabasco state, we continue to invest in capability building initiatives to enhance technical skills and agricultural practices. Meanwhile, in Tamaulipas state, we’ve invested in measures to support turtle conservation programmes.

To support the ongoing migration of our Production Enhancement Contracts to Production Sharing Contracts, we’ll be undertaking a social performance and environmental baseline study and update our programmes to reflect the nature and extent of our changing business operations and increased responsibilities.


2017 investment: US$370,000

We’ve supported various local projects on the Kerkennah Islands, where our Tunisian operations are based. These have focused on improving the public infrastructure, supporting the local fishing industry (with the purchase of the first five new engines for 15 fishing boats), and a bursary programme to support more than 70 gifted students at 12 primary and secondary schools.

We’ll continue to invest in the local fishing industry, which is the main source of local employment, and make a further contribution to the local transport infrastructure, which will improve access to and from the islands.

Lora Turtle protection

We've implemented a conservation programme to protect the endangered Lora Turtle