Wherever we work, we’re committed to being a good corporate citizen.

We aim to engage with local communities and other stakeholders to understand and manage the social impacts of our business, address any concerns, and maximise the benefits we’re able to bring.

Often, we have a contractual or regulatory obligation to manage the impact our business may have on local communities. Across the Company, we also encourage a culture of active community engagement, and support many related initiatives.

Social Performance Framework

Our Social Performance Framework governs the way we approach community engagement. It consists of our Social Performance Standard and a set of guidelines, which enable us to meet the commitments set out in the Petrofac Ethical, Social and Regulatory Policy.

Engaging with local communities

We continue to enhance the coherence, consistency and efficiency of our approach, to raise the profile of community engagement issues across the Group, and incorporate them into our wider business processes. For example, our community engagement approach and credentials play an increasingly prominent role in the bidding process.

Our community engagement initiatives fall into two main categories:

In 2017, our spending on social investments increased to US$3.8million, from US$2.7 million in 2016. This was largely due to a one-off contribution of US$1 million towards the Nairiyah National Construction Training Centre in Saudi Arabia.

Community development

We're committed to effective community development in neighbouring communities

Strategic corporate giving

Our initiatives focus on promoting STEM and improving access to education

We strive to make a positive difference in our communities, and through supporting local groups and encouraging the involvement of our employees, we believe by working together we achieve more.

Greg Ross, Head of Social Performance