Risks and hazards

We’ve worked hard to create a culture that is risk aware. Safety is the first and most important of all our values. All our people would agree on how important that particular value is. But making sure safety remains on everyone’s mind requires a consistent and ongoing approach.

Environmental, asset integrity and safety risks

We define these hazards as the risk of experiencing a serious safety, environmental or asset integrity incident – and the commercial and reputational damage that could be caused.

Our strong culture of health, safety and environmental awareness is central to our success. We continually emphasise the importance of this awareness to our employees in all our operational and business activities. We support our risk-aware culture with our operating framework and associated management processes and systems – including our Asset Integrity Framework

We also have:

  • Controls for health, safety, security and environment
  • Integrity assurance (HSSEIA) processes
  • Safety case management processes
  • Major accident hazard risk assessments
  • Audits
  • Regular monitoring of integrity management and maintenance schedules

For every contract, we take the same safety-led approach. Our management teams review the commercial arrangements with clients, maintain emergency preparedness plans and review insurance coverage.

Learn more about our Health, Safety and Environment Training Bootcamps

We do all this because nothing is more important to us than safety – for our people, for our clients and for the communities we work in.

Stepping up our crisis preparedness

In 2016 we widened the scope and capability of our Group Crisis Team. We developed a crisis management system that brings our corporate and operational centres closer together, while also interfacing more effectively with clients and partners.

For 2017, we will continue to develop a Group-wide Emergency Response and Crisis Management Framework. In doing so, we will build on our traditional strengths while also continuing to focus on improving our business resilience and recovery processes.

Golden rules of safety

Our Golden Rules set out our minimum expectations to control the risk of serious injury from common activities

HSSE boot camp

Our three-day boot camp for staff strengthens our high performance safety culture

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