Asset integrity

Asset Integrity Framework

Our Asset Integrity Framework enables us to design, build and operate assets that are safe, reliable and meet or exceed their specified purpose. The Framework also helps us to take a structured and consistent approach to asset integrity across all our operations.

Consistent and rigorous processes

Every month, each of our 21 operating assets is obliged to report against 20 key performance indicators, which are derived from the UK Health and Safety Executive’s guidance on Developing Process Safety Indicators. These comprise:

  • Lagging indicators – relating to the physical condition of our assets and the status of their respective maintenance programmes
  • Leading indicators – relating to the quality of our management processes and the degree of compliance with our Asset Integrity Management Policy

Drawing on this data, an asset integrity dashboard is published monthly and distributed to more than 100 people across the Group. Additionally, our Asset Integrity Review Board, consisting of senior representatives from each operating asset, holds monthly meetings to review performance, discuss integrity issues and receive challenge and support from their counterparts.

Continuous improvement

We continuously seek to improve our approach to asset management. Enhancements in 2016 included:

  • Establishing an Asset Integrity community group – to improve information exchange and knowledge sharing across the Company
  • Implementing a pipeline survey programme – performing a systematic review of 215 key pipelines that Petrofac operates across the world and establishing improvement programmes
  • Sharing learnings from previous incidents – re-visiting selected HiPos from recent years, each of which could have led to a major accident, and sharing the lessons learned via a highly visible ‘Remember When…’ campaign on the Company intranet sites
  • Improving access to our standards and guidance documents – creating a new sharepoint site, to give easier access to all of our documentation (such as our Technical Due Diligence Guidance, Operations in Projects Guidance, Pressure Systems Repair Guidance and Technical Authority Standard)

Asset integrity services

Our experience and expertise in asset integrity management means we can offer tailored services to a wide range of clients.

Find out more about our client approach to Asset Integrity Assurance and how we help businesses manage their asset lifecycles.

In Petrofac, Asset Integrity is strongly recognised, promoted and managed as the partner to our drive for safety. We assure plant and equipment is fit for purpose through good processes and competent people, minimising the likelihood of major accidents.

Ian Wright, Head of Integrity Assurance


Read our Asset Integrity policy

Our Framework helps us to take a structured and consistent approach to asset integrity across all our operations