Employee engagement

We have an engaged workforce with a sense of ownership.

We formally and regularly monitor employee engagement levels across the Group. We've conducted employee engagement surveys, and we’re always looking for new opportunities to listen to our people.


Every two years, our PetroVoices global survey acts as a sounding board: it gives us an overview of employee attitudes across the Group, alerts us to concerns that may otherwise be overlooked, and enables us to track employee engagement levels.

In our 2016 survey, three themes recurred, irrespective of business unit, location or grade:

  • People wanted the senior leadership team to be more visible
  • They wanted a clearer understanding of how reward and recognition works within Petrofac
  • They wanted a better understanding of how we assess and manage talent

To dig a little deeper, we held focus groups in each key location. We then put together a programme of activities to address the concerns and help make Petrofac an even better place to work:

  • Group Chief Executive Ayman Asfari met personally with 125 of our most senior people to update them on the Company strategy and understand their career goals. This information was then cascaded down through the organisation
  • A number of related engagement initiatives were delivered, including ‘Ask the Leader’ sessions, 22 Townhalls to share priorities, 11 sessions to promote understanding of our financial performance and business risks, talent management training, and related communications via our newsletters and intranet sites

We want to be sure that the initiatives have a positive impact. So the process of two-way communications continues. The focus groups continue to meet periodically, and our next PetroVoices survey is scheduled for 2018.

Employee share ownership

We actively encourage employee share ownership, as we think this builds commitment to the Company’s goals and rewards our people for their contribution. In 2017, 38% of our employees participated in at least one of the Petrofac employee share schemes. 

EVE Awards

A key to our distinctive, delivery-focused culture is the strength of our values (safe, ethical, innovative, responsive, quality and cost conscious, and driven to deliver).

Each year we celebrate employees and teams who embody our values through the EVE (Excellence, Values, Energy) Awards. In 2017, we received 248 entries from across the Group, demonstrating a significant level of interest and enthusiasm.

Find out more about the EVE Awards