What matters to our stakeholders

We work with a number of CR advisors to understand the issues that are of most interest to our stakeholders, including:

  • Our clients
  • Suppliers
  • Investors
  • NGOs (non-governmental organisations e.g. charities and not-for-profit companies)
  • Government representatives
  • Industry associations

In 2017, we continued this process via formal discussions with a range of our senior managers.

Based on this programme of engagement, we produce a materiality matrix which sets out the CR issues that are important to our stakeholders and have the potential to impact our business.

This matrix is updated annually to reflect feedback from both internal and external stakeholders, taking account of changing attitudes and priorities. It’s used to inform our approach to CR and guide the quality of our CR programmes.



We’re committed to protecting our people, our clients and the communities we work in


We're committed to working in an environmentally responsible way