Our approach to corporate responsibility

To achieve sustained commercial success, it’s essential for us to have a strong commitment to corporate responsibility (CR).

We remain acutely aware of the changing political, social and economic environment, and we see that our CR capability has a direct impact on our ability to:

  • Deliver sustainable value to our stakeholders
  • Maintain strong employee engagement
  • Bid for challenging projects
  • Optimise the performance of our assets
  • Operate safe and secure projects
  • Manage our risks

During 2017, we continued to formalise our approach to CR, with several new initiatives, greater rigour, and improved reporting standards.

Raising our reporting standards

The better we measure our CR performance, the better we can manage it.

In 2017, we continued to report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 (core) guidelines, and introduced several new performance indicators.

Our GRI Index outlines where the GRI G4 indicators can be found in the Annual Report and on our website.

Download our 2017 GRI Index

Enhancing our compliance

To be effective, our CR policies and standards must be clearly understood and actively implemented. In this section you’ll find out more about how we extended our CR awareness programmes and enhanced our compliance processes.

Supporting local suppliers and contractors

One thing that sets Petrofac apart is the extent to which we work with and support local suppliers and nurture local supply chains.

These partners are expected to abide by all of our CR policies and are covered by many of our related awareness and compliance programmes.

To be successful in the long term, it is vital for any business to take a disciplined approach to Corporate Responsibility. Policies and processes are important. However, to be effective, they need to be actively managed and monitored.
At Petrofac, the quality of our compliance is just as important as the strength of our commitment.

Ayman Asfari, Group Chief Executive

Ayman Asfari

Corporate responsibility

Our 2017 Corporate Responsibility report is available to download

Responsibility downloads

Our policies, standards and codes are available to download