Our approach to corporate responsibility

At Petrofac, we believe that sustained commercial success and a commitment to corporate responsibility go hand-in-hand. More specifically, we see that our corporate responsibility capability helps us to:

  • Maintain strong employee engagement
  • Build productive relationships
  • Bid for challenging projects
  • Optimise the performance of our assets

What you can find in our Responsibility section

  • Safety and safe design – our safety performance and how we are working towards achieving Horizon Zero, a future with zero safety incidents
  • Environmental protection – our performance in relation to emissions, spills and energy efficiency
  • Ethics – how we instil ethical behaviour and implement our Code of Conduct
  • People and resourcing – our people strategy and the learning and development initiatives we offer across the Group
  • Social performance – our contributions to communities through social investment, as well as our approach to tackling modern slavery and human rights
  • Economic performance – how we support local businesses and local employment, as well as our worldwide contributions to public finances

Many of the challenges we face as a business relate to the political, social, economic and regulatory environments in which we operate. Taking a disciplined approach to Corporate Responsibility is essential to meeting these challenges while creating value for our stakeholders and minimising risk to our operations

Ayman Asfari, Group Chief Executive

Ayman Asfari

Corporate responsibility

Our 2016 Corporate Responsibility report is available to download

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Responsibility downloads

Our policies, standards and codes are available to download