Environmental management

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) has been developed in line with our Group HSSE framework and ISO 14001 standard to manage any environmental impact arising from activities. The EMS is based on the internationally approved ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ process. This approach ensures we have the philosophy, procedures and method statements in place for significant environmental risks throughout the project life cycle – from conceptualisation to decommissioning of our operations. 

Waste management

We collect data on all the waste that leaves our facilities, which is typically segregated, measured and reported by category. We monitor the amount of hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposed and recycled from our operations.

Our employees are also encouraged through various awareness programmes and campaigns to adopt waste management practices that minimise the generation of waste.

Our waste segregation and recycling achievements have been recognised by the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG), a leading NGO (non-governmental organisation) operating in the UAE.

Raising awareness and encouraging action

We encourage our local operations to implement environmental initiatives through our annual Environment Month campaign. Each year the campaign has a different theme which is rolled out across the organisation to inform, inspire and engage our employees, contractors, their families and the local community.

Concrete waste

We repurposed concrete waste on a project site and saved 103 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Contrete waste_270x160.jpg
Excavated soil

We reused excavated waste soil on a project and saved 1.6 million kg of carbon emissions

Excavated soil_270x160.jpg

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We're committed to limiting the environmental impact of our operations around the globe