Case study: reusing excavated waste soil

Colleagues on one of our projects in Northern Kuwait had the bright idea of reusing excavated soil to minimise wastage at the site.

During site preparation activities, 300,000 m3 of soil was excavated which then needed to be disposed offsite. The disposal point was 120 km away and would have involved around 10,000 trips to dispose of all the soil.

However, the team discovered that the client had a scrap pit just 5 km away that needed to be levelled for upcoming drilling activities. The project management team presented the idea of reusing the excavated soil to the client which would save fuel, emissions and travel risk. After gaining approval, the team cleaned the scrap pit and levelled it using the excavated waste soil.

By effectively ‘reusing’ the soil, the team saved 640,000 litres of diesel as well as 1.6 million kg of carbon emissions.

Concrete waste

We repurposed concrete waste on a project site and saved 103 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Contrete waste_270x160.jpg