We are committed to working in an environmentally responsible way and limiting the environmental impact of our operations around the globe.

Our target is zero environmental incidents.

As an oilfield services company that designs, develops and operates large-scale facilities, Petrofac’s business is directly linked to environmental considerations.

We conduct comprehensive environmental risk assessments and reviews in all stages of our new projects. We also follow a systematic approach to environmental management, even in places where this is not required by local regulations.

Our Engineering & Construction and Engineering & Production Services divisions and our Mexico operations achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification for their environmental management system.

Emissions and energy efficiency

We have been monitoring and reporting our carbon emissions since 2008 and we participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). This project provides a global disclosure system for companies to report their environmental impacts and strategies on greenhouse gas emissions. In 2017 we achieved a rating of 'C', which is in line with the average for our direct competitors.

For all of our business lines, we aim to achieve a 2% year-on-year reduction in greenhouse gas emission intensity over the baseline year of 2015, with a 20% reduction by 2030. These targets are supported by strategies and actions to optimise energy consumption, implement technical solutions, and encourage employee-led initiatives.

Download the 2017 Environment Report for Petrofac Facilities Management Limited (UK)

Adding value to our clients’ operations

Our teams often go beyond client requirements as they seek to optimise energy efficiency and save natural resources. In doing so, they consider the entire life cycle of a project, and are often able to propose solutions that can have significant long-term environmental benefits.

Saudi Arabia

A client in Saudi Arabia had originally specified a water filtration package with a conventional filtration system. Our engineers thought about the long-term operational implications of this approach. They were concerned that it would not be energy efficient and, to deal with the associated wastewater, it would also require a considerable investment in downstream facilities such as backwash pits, pumps and evaporation ponds.

Instead, they successfully proposed an alternative solution that, during the expected operational life of the facility, will avoid more than 3,000kg of greenhouse gas emissions and save half a million gallons of water.


Over the life cycle of an oil and gas asset, the choice of ancillary equipment has a significant impact on overall environmental performance.

When specifying the details of a new LPG facility, our client had included a 20mw oil-fired heater. During Petrofac’s value engineering process, our engineers concluded that, by capturing waste energy from a nearby turbine exhaust and controlling the heat with a damper, they could eliminate the need for the heater and its associated fittings. To make their case, they simulated various design scenarios.

As a result, the client will save an estimated 7 million cubic metres of LPG and avoid 16,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

We believe our stakeholders play a key role in protecting the environment wherever we operate. Petrofac actively engages with its clients, subcontractors, communities and local agencies to create awareness, build capacity and implement programmes that create a long term positive impact on the environment

Sandeep Tomar, Head of Environment


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We're committed to limiting the environmental impact of our operations around the globe

Lora Turtle protection

We've implemented a conservation programme to protect the endangered Lora Turtle

Reducing energy

Our Sharjah office saved around 3,400 tonnes in annual greenhouse gas emissions, earning an energy management award