We are committed to working in an environmentally responsible way and limiting the environmental impact of our operations around the globe. Our target is zero environmental incidents.

Our environmental principles and standards

The Group HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environment) Framework provides a consistent approach towards environmental management across all of our operations. The environmental standards ensure that appropriate measures are in place to minimise harm to the environments that we operate in.

We conduct comprehensive environmental risk assessments and reviews in all stages of our new projects.  

We follow a systematic approach to environmental management, even in places where this is not required by local regulations.

The Group Environmental Data Reporting Guide supports our Framework and provides a standardised way of measuring our environmental impact.

The Guide is aligned with recognised international reporting standards, such as:

The Guide is supported by a Data Reporting Tool, which helps us to minimise uncertainties and maintain consistency of reporting throughout our operations. 

Around 95% of our employees operate under an independently verified ISO 14001 international standard.

Regular corporate audits are conducted in addition to internal inspections and external ISO 14001 audits at key locations. This ensures we comply with all regulations, international standards and our Environmental policy.

Our environmental performance data is published in our annual report. We do this to demonstrate compliance with all related requirements, and to be transparent in our commitments to environmental protection.

Emissions and energy efficiency

We have been monitoring and reporting our carbon emissions since 2008 and we participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). This project provides a global disclosure system for companies to report their environmental impacts and strategies on greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy efficiency is also a key consideration for many of our projects and we are proud to comply with the strict emissions requirements of the UK Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Reports) Regulations 2013. We don’t have to do this – our compliance is on a purely voluntary basis – we do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Environmental management

You can read more information about waste management on our environmental management page

We believe our stakeholders play a key role in protecting the environment wherever we operate. Petrofac actively engages with its clients, subcontractors, communities and local agencies to create awareness, build capacity and implement programmes that create a long term positive impact on the environment

Sandeep Tomar, Head of Environment

Our corporate vision is to be recognised as a company that maximises energy efficiency and conducts business in an environmentally responsible manner

Dr Brent Pasula, Group Head HSSEIA

Lora Turtle protection

We've implemented a conservation programme to protect the endangered Lora Turtle

Excavated soil

We reused excavated waste soil on a project and saved 1.6 million kg of carbon emissions

Excavated soil_270x160.jpg