Case study: developing local capabilities in Algeria

Building on a 15-year track record in the country, we are currently delivering three major projects in Algeria that have a combined value of more than US$3.1 billion:

We also have an ongoing engineering services agreement with the In Salah Gas joint venture, and have entered into two further strategic agreements with Sonatrach, the Algerian state owned energy company.

These assignments are benefiting the Algerian economy in several ways. For example, as of December 2015, we employed directly and through third parties over 800 people in the country, 56% of whom are Algerian nationals. Through our subcontractors, an additional 6,650 people are employed, 6,000 of whom are Algerian nationals. In combination, this equates to a ratio of over 86% in local resources.

Meanwhile, we spent a total of US$60 million on these projects in 2015 through local vendors. We’ve also invested more than US$7 million in establishing a world-class training facility at Hassi Messaoud which, since 2010, has trained more than 800 local people.

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