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Client: Galloper Wind Farm Ltd

Location: 30 km off the coast of Suffolk, England

Project value: £110 million in consortium with GE

Scope: topside and jacket foundation designs, fabrication, transport and installation of the offshore substation and offshore logistics to support hook up and commissioning.


The Galloper Offshore Wind Farm is a 340 megawatts (MW) extension to the Greater Gabbard Wind Farm, located off the coast of Suffolk, England.

Petrofac is working alongside GE to engineer, construct and install a turnkey power system to connect up to 336MW of clean energy from the wind farm to the British grid.

Galloper consists of 56 offshore turbines located at a water depth of up to 36 metres, with blades that stretch 195 metres into the skies – twice as tall as Big Ben – at their highest point. When fully operational, these turbines will provide energy for up to 336,000 UK homes – 1.3% of the country’s households.

Petrofac has designed, procured, constructed and installed Galloper’s jacket and topside, which are located at a water depth of 30 metres and weigh 1,743 MT and 2,200 MT respectively. Engineering on this pioneering project was split between Petrofac’s Woking and Sharjah offices.

Two of the major components – the jacket and deck for the offshore substation platform – were completed at the Heerema fabrication yard in Hartlepool and loaded onto self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) for transfer onto the cargo barges. Installation was successfully completed in May 2017.

Galloper, which will achieve an estimated 14,650 kt CO2e in greenhouse gas savings over its lifetime of around 25 years, represents another significant step in the UK’s ambitious goal of generating 15% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. The country’s offshore turbines already generate 5.2 GW of electricity a year – almost as much as the rest of Europe’s sea-based wind farms put together.

As well as around 700 construction jobs that it has created, Galloper is expected to generate around 90 long-term jobs in the area.

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