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Client: BP

Location: Central North Sea, UKCS

Scope: Duty Holder in decommissioning


In 2016, Petrofac was awarded a Duty Holder contract from BP to support the late life management and decommissioning of the Miller platform.

Within this scope Petrofac is managing all aspects of on and offshore activities in support of BP’s decommissioning programme.

The last day of production on Miller was in July 2007. Since then, BP undertook well abandonment and topsides clean up on the asset before the project team completed the topside removal in June 2018.

Our appointment as Duty Holder enables BP – as licence owner – to remain focused on removal activities whilst we ensure safe operations, asset maintenance and integrity throughout the preparatory and removal works.

Getting into the decommissioning mindset

Early engagement is key to our approach. It allows clients to optimise the planning and execution of decommissioning services and the transition of risk between operator and contractor. It also offers the opportunity for open dialogue around roles and responsibilities.

Once an asset moves to the decommissioning phase, there must also be a transition from an ‘operations’ mindset to a ‘project-led’ culture. By engaging early with BP to deliver a fit-for-purpose on and offshore organisation and service, together we have achieved a number of key successes for the Miller platform.

Key achievements

  • Project specific on and offshore management and delivery teams
  • Implementation of fit-for-purpose control of work and management systems
  • Optimised maintenance programme, supported by a multi-skilled workforce
  • Management and revision of the safety case on behalf of operator in line with project stages
  • Decommissioning support services which include modifications and assurance activities
  • Shared performance measures

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