Supplier registration and prequalification

We are pleased to launch a new vendor registration and pre-qualification platform for Petrofac International Ltd which you can access here - Vendor registration and pre-qualification

Please register by following our Supplier Registration Guidelines.

Once you’ve created your log in details, you will be able to regularly manage your profile and company details on our new portal. Therefore, your company credentials shall be kept confidential and made only available to authorised persons.

It is recommended that a senior staff member of your organization fills out this registration form to avoid any delay in the approval process.

While filling out the registration form, please:

1. Upload of all requested documents;
2. Provide accurate and substantiated information;
3. Select all products and services for which your company is willing to quote*

* Please make sure to diligently select the products and services to avoid errors, delays or rejection of your profile. Kindly ensure to avoid the selection of other unrelated categories unless it is actually part of your product portfolio. All selected product and services should be substantiated with appropriate product catalogue.

Once your profile is submitted, it will undergo a review and approval process by Petrofac Vendor Management Team and you will be notified by email once your company profile is approved as a potential supplier. If required, you will be invited through the portal to complete Petrofac’s internal pre-qualification assessment before being identified as an operational supplier.

Thank you for your interest in Petrofac, and for taking the time to register on our Registration and Pre-qualification Platform.