Well project management system

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Our WellAtlas® system ensures fast and managed delivery of complex projects

WellAtlas® is our web-based project management system. It provides complete visibility, transparency and auditability of well project management activities.

How can WellAtlas® help me?
Not only does WellAtlas® support the delivery of our own global well activities, we can also provide it as a stand-alone installation to run on your own local infrastructure, or your company’s private cloud. Each installation is configurable, and so can be tailored to your project planning frameworks and link to your key documentation.

We provide technical support, training and coaching throughout and after implementation to ensure your end users are comfortable using the system in a way that will assist their daily work.

Over 230 users in client organisations use WellAtlas® to improve the delivery of their well activities.

How does it work?
WellAtlas® has a hierarchical structure which allows all users - whether this is your team or our own internal teams - to interact with specific elements within the tool as needed, at any point in a well’s life cycle.

It contains several elements for successful HSE, schedule, risk, and interface management including;

WellAtlas elements

The ‘Plan’ element, for example, enables you to detail all of the tasks, reviews and assurance steps required to successfully deliver any project activity. Templates can be provided to assist with transition and start up.

What are the benefits?

Well Atlas screenshot

By using WellAtlas®, users benefit from simple, streamlined software which assists and complements the management and delivery of their day-to-day work, with easy access to company policies, standards and guidelines. This approach can help your business to manage processes more efficiently, while ensuring everyone is aware of the minimum standards to be met.

WellAtlas screenshot

Senior management also have the ability to easily view the status of projects at any given time, with a real-time overview of project status and key milestones. This increases the ability to make proactive high-level decisions across multiple projects and maintain a company-wide focus on critical tasks.

Users can have their access tailored according to specific security requirements, with WellAtlas® becoming a global repository of knowledge – one that grows with each project. It provides essential project assurance and oversight, in a simple, easy to understand format.

As a result, teams supported by WellAtlas® have the information, assurance and control to deliver complex projects efficiently, and often, on an accelerated schedule.

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