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Thailand flag Extending FPSO asset life in the Gulf of Thailand, Thailand

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Client: Mubadala Petroleum

Assets: FPF-003 FPSO, Block B5/27, Jasmine field

Location: Gulf of Thailand


Project summary


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Petrofac has provided Facilities Management and Operating and Maintenance Services for the FPF-003 FPSO since April 2011; operating in compliance with the Thailand Government, Flag State and Class requirements.

Through the delivery of these works by working together with our client, we have been able to further reduce the operating costs of the FPF-003 FPSO without compromising safety. This contract is supported by around 40 people offshore and an operations support team based in the Bangkok office.

When the contract was initially awarded, expected field life was to 2016. Through our alignment and in support of our client’s cost-effective approach to operations, the O&M agreement now extends to the end of 2023.

Our approach to extending field life through improving the economic viability has so far included:


  • Upgraded the accommodation facilities in 2012
  • Installed a new produced water riser in 2013 and a new production riser in 2014
  • Completed the replacement of the moorings in February 2015
  • Installed Diesel Oil production (MERU) plant on board the FPSO to reduce field facility diesel costs.

Life extension studies

  • Completed life extension study of the moorings, turret and main swivel bearing
  • Detailed residual life studies and analysis to secure Class approvals and eliminate any dry docking of the vessel until at least the end of 2023. Class validation extension to be based on in-situ inspection (UWILD)
  • Ongoing technical studies e.g. Produced Water handling and debottlenecking studies have resulted in modification projects on the FPSO to better manage late life reservoir conditions

Workforce enhancements

  • Implemented rota changes for offshore crew enabling significant reduction in logistics costs
  • Multi skilling of the workforce to execute additional duties on client assets

Commercials and legal

  • Realignment of remuneration model with Client’s objectives.


Key successes

As a result of this work we have achieved:

  • Good safety record and safety culture
  • FPSO OPEX reduced by more than 30%, enabling economically viable life extension of the field
  • As of February 2018 the Jasmine Field had produced over 70 million barrels, several times more than original estimates of recoverable reserves
  • Over 500 liftings of crude oil to export tankers
  • Maintained a strong and consistent team with less than 1.5% turnover of employees working in the field

Petrofac continues to perform life extension works to the FPSO system to enable the operation to potentially continue to the end of 2023, under a ‘life of field’ agreement. Under the contract terms we will deliver an optimised scope designed to further reduce Jasmine’s operating costs and to create operational efficiencies which will underpin the viability of the mature field development.