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UK flag Emergency Response Service Centre, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Project: 24/7/365 emergency response facilities and personnel

Clients include: ENGIE, Dana Petroleum, Apache, Centrica, Ithaca Energy, Helix Energy Solutions

Location: Aberdeen, supporting UK North Sea and international installations


ERSC established


Responses to live calls

In 2006, Petrofac Training Services launched a dedicated Emergency Response Service Centre (ERSC) in Aberdeen to service the North Sea oil and gas industry. The first of its kind, the ERSC provides response facilities and onshore personnel support to oil and gas operators, drillers, vessels and onshore terminals in the event of an emergency - 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year.

Our ERSC service is renowned throughout the UK for providing an established onshore emergency response infrastructure that contributes to the safety of personnel working within the oil and gas industry. Our purpose-built facility can deliver a complete emergency response solution to our clients, not only in the UK, but also worldwide.

Our ERSC team responds to multiple calls every month, from muster drills and exercises through to real incidents. Since opening, the centre has responded to more than 2,500 live calls for assistance.

Our ERSC supports clients by providing 24/7/365 access to dedicated and professional emergency response services, including:

  • Emergency Response Operators ready to respond to an incident within six rings
  • A pool of specialist onshore Incident Management Team and Relative Response Team responders
  • Support for a variety of assets - from manned and unmanned installations and drilling rigs to hydrocarbon carrying vessels, pipelines and onshore oil and gas terminals
  • Robust and resilient state-of-the-art IT and telecommunications equipment
  • Access to a dedicated secondary, backup ERSC facility located a short distance away
  • Support in Shetland in the form of a meet and greet service
  • Post-incident report documentation and lessons learned



The ERSC is the first point of contact for a number of North Sea and international operators and service providers.

We provide our clients with an immediate and effective response in emergencies. This requires a controlled and prepared environment, with tried and tested systems and procedures. As a result, we:

  • Invest in our people, ensuring we have skilled and capable personnel able to support any type of incident
  • Upgrade and re-arrange the ERSC to accommodate evolving ways of working
  • Test equipment on a daily basis to ensure reliability
  • Use a bespoke IT incident recording system that’s user friendly and time and resource efficient

The ERSC works hand in hand with Petrofac’s crisis management and environmental response services department and is continually involved in live play exercises with statutory bodies and government agencies.

This department delivers:

  • A continual cycle of training to ensure that clients are prepared to respond effectively to any emergency situation
  • Emergency response consultants to work with clients in remote or site-specific locations
  • Assistance and development of company emergency response documentation
  • Assessment of the competency of personnel following training and document implementation