Well project management

Our unique strength is that we perform the function of a fully integrated well engineering department, underpinned by our comprehensive web-based well delivery system WellAtlas®.

Our intention in every project is delivering maximum value to our clients. We do this by consistently providing top quality solutions fully aligned with the overall project objectives. A critical element of our philosophy is to focus on total project delivery, not just the component part we may be accountable for.

Our project management helps operators overcome:

  • experience gaps
  • resource constraints
  • the time pressure often encountered with multi-well programs

Clients benefit from:

  • access to third party master service agreements
  • a comprehensive drilling management system
  • our vast international drilling experience


  • assures compliance with regulatory frameworks
  • delivers efficiency gains across each project
  • enhances competency
  • offers a consistent, process-driven approach to all well engineering operations
  • provides a global repository of knowledge – one that grows with each project
  • provides a real-time overview of project status and key milestones
  • represents a transparent audit environment throughout project delivery
  • underpins the above but can also be used by an operator as the framework for its processes and documents


Further information

Well management software brochure

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