Pre-fabrication and onsite construction

With a track record of around 200 engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects, Petrofac has a wealth of experience in the fields of pre-fabrication and onsite construction.

Today, the construction team comprises more than 700 experienced personnel focused on delivering high quality construction services for our clients.

We sub-contract fabrication and construction to local contractors where possible and practical.

Such activities are carried out under Petrofac’s direction, support and control. It is our strong commitment to this approach that ensures we can enhance sustainability and support to the regions and countries in which we operate. Should our subcontractors face challenges with recruitment of craft personnel, Petrofac has a large direct hire workforce consisting of pipefitters and pipe welders, electricians, instrument fitters, and millwrights that can be mobilised to the site to support the project schedule.

During the EPC project phase, pre-fabrication works of modules, piping spools, structural steel, and equipment items (vessels and tanks, turbines, compressors, pumps) is undertaken at a variety of ‘approved’ fabrication shops. We use facilities in various locations, for example the UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, Italy, Japan, UK and the USA.

Our onsite construction is managed by Petrofac and sub-contracted to suitably qualified construction contractors. A typical EPC project has an on-site composition of around 30% Petrofac management and technical support staff and 70% sub-contractor personnel.

Petrofac offers additional value to its EPC/EPCM delivery due to:

  • a track record of executing projects to highest international standards of integrity, quality and safety
  • a truly cosmopolitan workforce that always includes experienced personnel from the countries in which the projects are executed
  • detailed country and regional knowledge
  • excellent technical experience

Petrofac has undertaken EPC projects in both mature oil and gas markets and emerging economies. However the predominant focus of our construction expertise, both on and offshore, has been on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS), the Middle East and Africa, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Asia Pacific region.

The core components for the successful execution of our EPC projects can be summarised as:

  • client focused and commercially competitive
  • full commitment to integrity and ethical standards
  • full commitment to quality and safety standards
  • in-depth experience in engineering, procurement and construction of technically demanding oil and gas projects
  • in-depth knowledge of the countries where the projects are executed
  • large and highly experienced pool of staff
  • robust engineering, procurement, and construction management systems and procedures
  • strong financial resources that allows full support to projects under execution
  • transparent client relations

It is a testimony to our strategy and execution that many clients for whom we've delivered projects have chosen to work with us again.


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