Pipelines engineering

Pipelines form the arteries of both onshore and offshore oil and gas assets, so they must be technically robust, for integrity in often difficult environments. They must also be economically viable.

Each project has its own unique challenges and risks, and needs careful and experienced management from the start.

Our team of highly skilled professionals are used to managing pipeline projects from design through to construction, commissioning and operation, and have the experience and confidence to find creative solutions where the project demands it.

Where necessary, the team uses cutting-edge techniques such as:

  • onshore zig zag construction
  • limit state design
  • high density polyethylene for production flowlines and internal liners
  • light detection and ranging for surveying large areas

This means that our solutions, together with the skills and expertise of our people, address the unique set of challenges and risks posed by each project.


Design and beyond

In the design phase, our pipeline engineering capability includes:

  • mapping and routing
  • materials selection
  • mechanical design and stability design
  • 3D stress analysis
  • span analysis and crossings design
  • upheaval buckling analysis

Through this complementary set of capabilities, we make sure that pipelines are robustly designed for endurance and stability.

Beyond the design phases, we will prepare scopes of work and specifications for the subsequent development phases, and offer direct and indirect management of all phases: construction, testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning of pipelines and flowlines.


Solving and managing problems

We are often called upon to solve problems that come up throughout the lifetime of a pipeline. We offer a range of specialist pipeline engineering and management services, including:

  • development of risk-based programmes
  • asset evaluation
  • pipeline and flowline integrity assessment
  • troubleshooting in the field
  • remedial works identification and planning
  • brownfield upgrades and extensions
  • debottlenecking and line looping
  • permits and consents assistance
  • high-level advisory services
  • pigging programming, procedures and field management

We design, build and operate pipelines that are safe, reliable, and meet or exceed their specified design purpose.


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