Operational readiness consulting

Across our industry, 60% of large oil and gas projects are over budget and 70% are behind schedule.*  

We can mitigate this risk through understanding the critical importance of planning and assuring operations readiness from the earliest point in the project management life cycle. The changes in organisation, engineering and philosophies affected at this stage can impact return on investment for the next thirty years and we can help you get this critical stage right first time for an effective transition through to early phase operations.

Our teams will work with you to ensure the processes, systems, procedures, training and competence programmes are in place before handover, securing efficient operation of facilities. All recommendations are focused on safe and sustainable operations with a full understanding of environmental impact. We will help you achieve flawless start-up to your timescales for controllable, reliable and sustainable steady state operations.

We have significant experience across the life cycle of oil and gas assets, from opportunity appraisal and concepts through to abandonment. This includes the creation of operational readiness road maps for major international and national oil companies, helping them to ensure the smooth progression of their projects through construction and commissioning to the operational phase.


How we can help

In order to get the best possible results during the project life cycle, our experts plan and prepare in the smallest detail and from end to end:

  • from protecting people’s safety to protecting the environment
  • from making sure people have the right skills to making sure that the necessary systems and tools are in place to support them
  • from ensuring full compliance with regulations to ensuring the best possible performance from every aspect of the development – and much more

We call upon our expertise in project engineering, commissioning, operations and training, to be sure that everything has been considered. Only in this way can we minimise the risks involved, whilst maximising return on investment.

There’s a lot to think about:

  • safeguarding life and the environment
  • maximising asset performance to best practice levels
  • delivering sustainable operational excellence
  • supporting compliance requirements
  • planning for the successful operation of the facility throughout its life
  • designing for optimum operational performance throughout the earlier engineering and commissioning phases as well as operational phases
  • development of all the necessary operational management processes, systems and tools
  • organisational development, workforce competence and nationalisation programmes
  • assuring a competent, permanent organisation is in place for transition from project to operations
  • minimising the financial risk throughout, but particularly the risks involved in transition from commissioning to start up and steady state operations

We have the ideal skillset to work with you at every stage thanks to our capability, capacity and competence as well as our world-recognised training services.


Our reputation

We are proud of our reputation, not only for industry expertise and the successful delivery of many projects, but also for the way we work with our clients.
We aim to establish a collaborative working environment.  We find that this approach gets the best results, leveraging our industry experience while ensuring alignment with your corporate approach.

* Source: SBC Capital projects Survey 2013


Further information

Please contact Mike Essex: mike.essex@petrofac.com