Operational excellence

We’ve embarked on our journey towards operational excellence and we don’t ever expect it to end. To us, it is a continuous process we will always be focused on. Through it, we endeavour to deliver on all our promises but specifically in relation to HSE, production, water injection, cost performance and improvement planning.

With a long established reputation as a first-class Duty Holder in the North Sea and internationally, we are considered the partner of choice by our clients because we run safe, reliable and predictable operations and we are successful in extending field life and maximising the value of our clients’ assets.

Our journey sees us focusing on efficiencies and effectiveness in the following key areas:

  • people
  • plant
  • processes
  • production

Concentrating on these areas, we ensure their optimisation by dedicating time and resources to them. We use proven methodologies such as root cause analysis, LEAN and Kaizen to establish standards and identify the gaps before planning for and executing closure.

Our approach to operational excellence is significantly linked to our values. We are:

  • safe
  • ethical
  • innovative
  • quality and cost conscious
  • responsive
  • driven to deliver

And our operational excellence strategies are derived from these:

  • passionate pursuit of Horizon Zero
  • asset integrity
  • maximising production opportunities
  • quality supply chain demonstrating cost leadership
  • people demonstrating results focused behaviour

Ultimately, we are driving greater value throughout all our operations

One recent example saw our team adopt the Kaizen improvement process to address storage issues at an Aberdeen warehouse. A small team dedicated five days to the process and the facilitated session resulted in specific goals and a potential reduction in stored items by 83%, which in turn results in a cost saving and more efficient storage items.


Further information

Please contact Andrew Ferguson: Andrew.Ferguson@petrofac.com