Petrofac’s metering and allocation services provide excellence in the measurement of hydrocarbons and the tracking of oil and gas products from origin to point of sale.

Our team of specialist metering engineers, allocation engineers, metering technicians and consultants offer a wide variety of management, maintenance, software and consultancy solutions onshore and offshore, worldwide.

Our services range from conceptual design of metering and allocation systems through to operations, maintenance and systems management.

Metering services:

  • business-critical measurement system analysis – reducing exposure
  • complete management of measurement systems
  • design, commissioning and acceptance testing
  • independent auditing of metering systems
  • liaison with government agencies, pipeline operators and third parties
  • mis-measurement investigation, calculation and reporting
  • procedure development for new or existing metering systems
  • provision of metering systems which utilise virtual flow computer technology, through our subsidiary business, SGC Metering
  • technical operations and maintenance support

Allocation services:

  • auditing of production and measurement data
  • hydrocarbon accountancy and management
  • integration, operation and management of allocation systems
  • investigation and reporting on any allocation disputes between partners
  • Production Allocation Reporting Information System (PARIS) software
  • production reporting
  • technical support for all allocation issues
  • writing, preparation and implementation of allocation agreements

As part of Petrofac, we are in a position to offer competitive commercial solutions and innovative cost savings. Our clients also benefit from Petrofac’s knowledge, experience and track record which spans hundreds of projects.


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Metering and allocation services

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