Mechanical engineering

The correct selection, modification, optimisation and operation of mechanical equipment is essential to process engineering and is complementary to the various development stages of any onshore or offshore oil and gas asset.

Our services are available to cover discrete studies or for inclusion within multi-discipline concept studies, FEED or EPC projects.

Petrofac’s mechanical engineering expertise encompasses rotating machinery, heat transfer equipment, static equipment and packages.

Our rotating equipment specialists have previous experience of major projects for the UK, Norway, North Africa, the Middle East and other overseas locations.

Equipment types include:

  • electrical power generation plant
  • prime movers (combustion gas turbines, steam turbines, electric variable speed drives and electric fixed speed drives)
  • process and utility pumps (dynamic and positive displacement types)
  • process gas compressors (dynamic and positive displacement types)

Petrofac has previous experience in the design and purchase of gas compressors for projects, examples include discharge pressures from circa 20 bara (e.g. propane refrigeration) to pressures exceeding 500 bara (e.g. as required for natural gas reinjection).


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