FEED studies

Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) is a critical part of the onshore and offshore development process. It establishes the foundations on which the later phases of a project build.

We define the development concept study for a project during the FEED stage and guide our clients to final project sanction, helping them to submit applications to authorities, and establishing a basis for the construction and contracting phases.

We have a long history of delivering successful FEED projects for both brownfield and greenfield projects in many different parts of the world. Our centres of engineering excellence can deliver a highly responsive service with commercial flexibility.

We have the expertise and knowledge to consistently deliver projects of all sizes and complexity. We do this successfully and sustainably.


How we can help

Our FEED activity is fully supported by an in-house multidisciplinary engineering resource. We can cover all the technical and administrative functions needed to successfully deliver major complex engineering tasks, including:

  • process and facilities engineering
  • flow assurance and dynamic process simulation 
  • instrument engineering (control systems, field instruments, metering)
  • electrical engineering
  • metallurgy and materials engineering
  • rotating machinery engineering
  • piping layout design
  • piping engineering (stress analysis and materials)
  • civil engineering
  • structural engineering
  • weight and cost estimating
  • risk, safety and environmental engineering
  • pipeline engineering
  • technology assessment
  • subsea production engineering
  • information management
  • schedule estimation
  • long lead items verification and procurement support

All FEED work is supported by a cost estimation function who use our cost benchmark database, which is kept up to date by our global procurement capability. 

Our extensive EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) and operations experience means our engineers have a unique perspective across all stages of field development and operations.

Using our expertise and experience, we can guide clients from constructive first stages to successful conclusion.


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