Detailed engineering

Petrofac can offer detailed engineering services both as a discrete, standalone offering or integrated within a larger contract, such as a lump-sum engineering, procurement and construction project.

Our main operational centres in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi (UAE), Woking and Aberdeen (UK), and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) all offer detailed engineering as part of their suite of services. Further value is gained through accessing the detailed engineering services in our Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi offices with a view to providing a highly responsive service with maximum commercial flexibility to our clients.

This capability applies to onshore and offshore projects

With more than 200 engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects and a similar number of operations and maintenance/modification contracts in our experience portfolio, detailed engineering is embedded in all our engineering activities. Within the engineering, design and drafting disciplines Petrofac has access to approximately 13,000 skilled engineers in the offshore and onshore oil and gas sector.

With a variety of operating centres from which to offer its clients the optimum solution, we are extremely adept at remote team working and pride ourselves on strong interface skills.


In achieving a seamless detailed engineering interface for our clients, we:

  • adhere to a standard quality and integrity system in all locations, with a common project view for all parties
  • develop the scope of work per discipline to ensure an optimised split
  • work on common systems and work processes between locations

For example, during a typical EPC project, process systems engineering would be executed from our Sharjah operational centre with additional detailing from Mumbai or an alternative satellite office where the best expertise for the project can be harnessed. All procurement related engineering would also be channelled through the Sharjah centre. In this scenario, work is controlled from the main office, including approval of deliverables – the technical document register identifying where any specific deliverable is produced, checked and approved.


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