Consultancy services

Why do our clients use our services?

The answer lies in our unique combination of:

  • benchmarking knowledge and data. We know what best practice levels of operational performance and costs look like
  • best practice solutions. We know - and have used and developed - the best and latest solutions needed to deliver those top levels of operational performance
  • best systems. We have developed tools to help monitor the critical data needed to manage and optimise client assets
  • proven methodology. Our approach has grown from our deep experience. This has been built into our methodology, which has been proven time and time again to deliver results
  • expert teams. We have two centres of engineering excellence around the world with 4,000 experienced engineers who are experts in their fields. We build each team to meet the needs of each project; every project has different, and specialist, needs.  And every team can draw upon our global bank of expertise
  • extensive delivery experience and culture. We have an unmatched breadth and depth of experience in engineering, consulting and operations, to ensure that client assets meet international regulations and achieve optimum performance that lasts. Our culture is to deliver results for our clients – and we do.

We have a wealth of knowledge in Field Development, Specialist Consultancy Services, and Asset Management. And that means we understand the varied and complex challenges our clients might face. We’ve used our experience and expertise to create and develop a range of tried and tested solutions. With our help, clients have been able to enhance outputs and capabilities, improve efficiency, and celebrate project success.