With a long history of EPC projects and operations and maintenance contracts, we have established a strong track record in pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up activities; within the on and offshore oil and gas industry.

The primary objective of the commissioning team is to ensure the safe and orderly testing and then handover of our facilities, ensuring their operability in terms of safe performance and reliability whilst providing full traceability. The commissioning team involve themselves in each project from the proposal stage, working through the engineering and procurement phases as well as early involvement in the construction activities.

An integrated delivery approach provides a strong basis from which to commission and handover projects to our clients; having minimised the challenges which may occur in relation to start-up and early operations.


Preparation and a structured and systematic approach - the key to success

At Petrofac, commissioning preparation commences at the earliest practicable stages in a project. This allows us to identify potential challenges early on and manage them accordingly, ensuring as seamless a path as possible through construction, commissioning and handover.

Key considerations such as engineering design standards, numbering systems, system boundaries, defined structures and procedures, all serve to augment control and efficiency. The use of intelligent software also underpins our commissioning preparation activities, particularly in the early stages of a project.

In-house we utilise a bespoke project completion system called PetroPCS (powered and licensed to Petrofac through Falcon Global). This tool provides Petrofac with a system to administer and record the quality checks required during building and reference them directly against the original design. More importantly, PetroPCS provides the platform for establishing our ‘safe system of work’ when closely integrating the live testing and energisation of elements of a plant during the completion stages of construction.


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