Asset performance consulting

We will work with you to determine the best options for the optimum management of your assets to meet your business objectives.

We do this by combining an extensive assessment of the current status of your assets with our detailed understanding of what could be achieved in a best-case scenario.


How we can help

  • audit your current status
    • benchmarking asset performance against your business objectives and industry best practice
    • assessment of business, engineering and operational performance and risk
  • provide a gap analysis
    • comparison of the current and desired states to identify improvement initiatives
  • produce an opportunity assessment for performance improvement
    • we assess asset performance against ISO 55000:2014 (formerly BS PASS55) – the international standard for asset management

Our assessments are aligned with the international standards of ISO 55000:2014 for performance improvement. One of our team is part of the advisory committee for ISO 55000:2014, and is one of the first ISO 55000 certified assessors in the world.


Our strengths

You can rely on us:

  • our team of world-leading experts means we have a broad and deep capability to identify and assess opportunities for performance improvement
  • our in-depth understanding of ISO 55000:2014 means a rigorous assessment of those opportunities
  • BuildME™, our asset management programme development platform provides clients with a base case for sustainable improvement


Our success stories

Projects in this area include:

  • assessing the maintenance function covering onshore and offshore facilities for a major European operator; our report highlighted a number of improvement opportunities and prioritised these for implementation
  • a feasibility study to assess the current maintenance function for the introduction of a computer based maintenance management system
  • maintenance and integrity management reviews for North Sea operators involving a structured programme of current state assessment, benchmarking against industry best practice, and improvement plans to close the gap
  • developing and implementing a reliability acceleration programme focused on safety and production-critical equipment for the control of major accident hazards, maintenance optimisation and enhanced plant availability for an operator with assets in offshore Equatorial Guinea


Further information

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