Asset integrity assurance

We’ve been working in oilfield services delivery for over 30 years, so we know how important it is to get a return on asset investment whilst staying safe.

Our experts apply proven methodologies and tools to evaluate the entire spectrum of integrity risks. Our specialist engineering services ensure the best asset management infrastructure is established and implemented, following a systematic and robust process. With our experience and expert systems, we can recommend solutions that deliver success and safety in equal measures. 


How we can help

  • we can review asset design: to ensure integrity is considered, to identify risks, and to help clients develop actions to eliminate or minimise those risks
  • we can review asset operations: to ensure integrity related operational risks are understood and are effectively managed
  • we can provide due diligence: by examining asset integrity and provisions for integrity management, prior to acquisition or the acceptance of operational responsibility transfer


Software solutions

A key part of our service is our proprietary Asset Integrity Reporting System (AIRS).  

How AIRS works

Our aim is to mitigate risk, and AIRS is designed to support us in that aim. AIRS integrates integrity management with audit tracking and associated risk mitigation. It also delivers review dashboards and actionable reports to help you take action where it matters.  

With the help of this valuable software solution, we’ve tracked over 1,500 actions, helped clients save countless man hours and improved the delivery of hundreds of projects.

What AIRS looks like


Success stories

We’ve worked with clients in often demanding environments and successfully delivered:

  • the successful implementation of a five-year rolling assurance audit programme for a major North Sea operator
  • the review and optimisation of the maintenance and asset integrity policies, strategies and procedures for an international oil company
  • the successful development of operations integrity management standards and a performance management system for an international oil company


Further information

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