Dividend policy

It is the Company's current policy to pay an interim and final dividend in respect of each financial year, with approximately one third of the full year's dividend being payable as an interim dividend and two thirds as a final dividend. Dividends may be paid to shareholders in either UK Sterling or US Dollars.

Dividend process

Dividends will be paid in UK Sterling unless a shareholder elects to receive them in US Dollars, in which case a currency election form must be completed and returned to Link Asset Services. If you wish to receive your dividends in UK Sterling, there is no need to complete a Currency Election Form.

Dividends in US Dollars will be paid by cheque. Dividends in UK Sterling can be paid either by cheque or directly into your bank or building society account. If you wish to have your dividends paid direct into your account, you need to complete and return a dividend payment instruction form to Link Asset Services.

Interim dividend

The Company declared an interim dividend of 12.7 cents per share (2017: 12.7 cents per share). The interim dividend was paid on 19 October 2018 to eligible shareholders on the register at 21 September 2018 (the ‘record date’). Shareholders who had not elected to receive dividends in US dollars received a sterling equivalent. 

Dividend calculator

Review dividends paid using our dividend calculator and measure total shareholder return (TSR) on Petrofac shares.