Yasmin - Governance and Systems Manager

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Year joined in: 2014

Position joined as: Audit Liaison Manager

Can you tell us about your job?

Today’s rapidly changing business environment requires thinking about risk in new ways. My job is to lead, manage and enhance Petrofac Malaysia’s governance, risk, and compliance function to help the organisation seize opportunities, stay a step ahead of uncertainty, and meet business objectives.

My team specialises in contract, procurement and material governance in supply chain management to ensure adherence to the regulator’s guidelines and Petrofac’s standards. We perform a range of roles, including:

  • Designing and implementing compliance education programmes
  • Risk assessments
  • Advisory and audit liaison
  • Management reporting
  • System controls
  • Conducting continuous improvement projects

What excites you about the work you are doing now?

I love the world of Change Management and being at the centre of what affects people and an organisation. The work that my team and I are doing is not only making a positive impact to people within Petrofac, but also to the oil and gas industry in Malaysia.

We are increasing awareness of compliance culture and implementing stronger internal controls which has gained recognition from internal and external stakeholders.

Tell us about your journey through Petrofac.

My first assignment was in the Finance function, performing an Audit Liaison role for a Risk Sharing Contract. My key responsibility was to drive a compliance culture amongst the team to safeguard our people, assets, finances and reputation.

I then moved to a governance role with the aim of transforming the compliance culture for Petrofac Malaysia through the supply chain management function. This has required structured change management procedures and extensive collaboration with technical and functional departments. Together with the leadership team, we have established a ‘Governance Review Board’ to advocate operational excellence and a compliance culture.

The last three years have been colourful and seen us go through chapters of organisational, cultural and transformational work, leading and managing people through a change management strategy.

What has been the highlight of your time at Petrofac?

Although I’ve been in oil and gas for more than ten years, my earlier role was mainly in downstream. Working at Petrofac has given me an excellent opportunity to upskill my knowledge in upstream where the real action is.

A personal milestone for me was passing the BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) to visit our offshore sites because I am afraid of deep water. The helicopter ride, living in a cabin, engaging the operations personnel, embracing seasickness, and realising how big the world is and how small you are in the middle of the sea is all a humbling experience. Most importantly, this helped me gain a practical understanding when designing and implementing governance and compliance strategies within the organisation. They must be fit-for-purpose and relevant to protect all our people and assets, onshore and offshore.

You’re a strong advocate for education and implementing best practice. Can you tell us about your voluntary work in this respect?

For the past six years I have volunteered in various global committee roles with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) whose mission is to help people, businesses and organisations succeed.

In 2017, I was appointed Chair of the South East Asia Regional Board for The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. The Association represents 650,000 members and students in public and management accounting, and advocates for the public interest and business sustainability on current and emerging issues.

I was also invited to join a Special Task Force committee for the Prime Minister’s Office to advise on governance best practice and change management strategy for the Islamic Agencies and Institutions. Together with other subject matter experts from diverse disciplines and industries, we developed the first ‘Governance Guidelines based on Shariah principles’ which was officially launched by the Prime Minister. We advocate integrity and ethics through various media outlets, and I’ve even featured in a live forum on national TV.

All of these exciting opportunities have happened during my time at Petrofac. There is a lot of synergy between what I do in the company and in the community.

How has Petrofac supported your ongoing development?

Petrofac has been very supportive in my career development and the company recognises my role as a change catalyst to lead and drive sustainable success beyond office boundaries. There are so many people who have made a great impact on my journey through Petrofac – from our leadership team, to the governance and supply chain management team, to mentors and colleagues on and offshore.

There are abundant learning resources in Petrofac to help you develop where you need to, no matter where you are in your career. People are the greatest asset in this organisation.

What has been your key learning at Petrofac?

Life is an exciting journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, people to connect with and above all, experiences to enjoy. I’ve learned the secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. I will definitely treasure this key learning from Petrofac.

What advice would you give someone thinking about a career at Petrofac?

There is no doubt Petrofac is a great place to work, learn and contribute. It’s like an open university with abundant knowledge and rich experiences; surrounded by intelligent, fun, interesting people from diverse backgrounds.

It’s a place where you can create opportunities, design your career path, combine career and passion together. Come and experience it for yourself!