Mohamad - Project Engineer

Location: Sharjah

Year joined in: 2015

Position joined as: Graduate

What is your role at Petrofac?

I manage vendors and control activities related to pipeline packages from pre-order to installation on site.

Some of the activities my role covers includes:

  • Identifying and delivering effective resolutions to clients’ requirements in line with the project’s scope of work
  • Ensuring and controlling the sustainable implementation of strategies through regular vendor meetings and internal department coordination, leading to the timely completion of all orders
  • Attending vendor pre-inspection meetings
  • Reviewing vendors’ documents in line with clients’ specifications and procedures

I also supervise and engage with international vendors’ manufacturing facilities to certify that all client requirements and goods are met in a timely manner by expediting for progress, documentation, tracking material, assembling and testing.

What kind of projects do you work on?

My scope of work currently includes projects in Kuwait. We recently completed the Manifold Group Trunkline (MGT), an EPC project that will provide the feedstock to each of the three gathering centres - that are currently under development and part of the broader project - via three independent networks of intermediate manifolds and pipelines.

Now, I am part of the gathering centre GC 32 project team. The project’s scope of work covers the processing of crude oil and associated gas recovered from several fields.

What skills do you need?

Core skills from university on broad engineering thinking but also technical skills that are developed through training and on-the-job learning.

Time management skills are a must, along with presentation and communication skills.

What has been the highlight of your time at Petrofac?

Travelling to China to expedite a huge pipeline order, delivering it ahead of time and completing the job with a ‘great execution note’ from the project team has been my highlight so far.

What training and support have you been given?

The Petrofac Academy training shaped my early days at Petrofac. After completing the Graduate Programme, I have attended additional training to develop my knowledge and skills on how to work efficiently on our systems and software.

Are there any travel opportunities? If so, where to?

Yes, I have had various opportunities to visit new parts of the world:

  • Tianjin, China, to advise and work alongside the Tianjin Pipe Corporation (TPCO) team for six months
  • Chennai, India, where I oversaw the Larson & Toubro Engineering facility for three months
  • Juleiha, Kuwait, to manage the relationship with National Contracting Company for two months
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE, I worked with Future Pipes Industries for four months

What advice would you give to any new graduates who are looking to join Petrofac?

Joining the Petrofac Academy is a great opportunity. You will meet people from different cultures and engage with employees on various levels. The training provided by the Academy is truly beneficial for developing a career path within Petrofac.

After graduating, you will undergo on-the-job development, where you will receive guidance from your supervisor and team members. At that stage, be curious to understand everything, give your all and show interest. I guarantee that the team you end up working with will be willing to help and teach you at every step of the way.