Aravind - Construction Support Manager


Location: Sharjah, UAE

Years in industry: 27

Years at Petrofac: 10

What is your role at Petrofac?

I’m part of a team that gathers the details for building new oil and gas projects. We plan and devise the most efficient and effective methods to build the plant to our clients’ satisfaction. 

What are five things you do on a typical day at work?

  • Read and understand the requirements set out by the client for new projects
  • Prepare write ups and presentations on construction strategy
  • Interact with other departments to gather further technical details
  • Liaise with our construction partners to fine tune our techniques and strategy
  • Formulate sequences and schedules to improve efficiency

What do you like most about your job?

Two days are never the same in my job – every day is a new day. The learning never stops, and the mind never stays idle.

How would you describe your job in three words?

Learning, implementing and improving.

What are some of the biggest professional challenges you face at work?

There are always different solutions to a problem. The challenge is to analyse and choose the best solution for a particular given situation and to fine tune it to make its implementation easy and effective.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

Winning the 2015 EVE Award in the Driven to Deliver category has been my biggest achievement to date, and it was special as it recognised my team.

I was able to motivate and lead my team to successfully complete and hand over the North Kuwait Power Distribution Project three months ahead of schedule, winning accolades and awards from our client in a number of areas including environmental initiatives, excellence in safety and client satisfaction.

What makes Petrofac different from other oil and gas companies?

The passion and commitment of our people, and a leadership that is always receptive to new ideas.

And finally, do you have any career advice you’d like to share?

This is essentially a team game. It’s ultimately the team that delivers our business. Every individual in the team counts, and each one has a role to play. Effective communication is crucial in order to nurture each individual’s talent and make it blossom. So my advice is: be a team player and always keep your channels of communication open.