Learning and development

Our people strategy has one core aim – to help all our employees progress their careers, whatever their role or experience. We also support employees with responsibilities for others, so they can build on and improve their management and leadership skills.

Our employees complete programmes on:

  • Individual development
  • Management and leadership development
  • Graduate development
  • Performance management

Individual development

We offer a range of programmes and resources to help our employees develop their respective competencies.

In 2017, we launched the Learning Hub, a new integrated cloud-based system, which supports performance, talent, succession and competence management, as well as training management and e-learning.

The system saw its first full year of operation in 2018, bringing greater consistency to the way people are developed and managed, and helping Petrofac to build capability and drive performance. In addition, employees have easy and direct access to all of their competence, e-learning training, scorecard and appraisal information. Similarly, all line managers and department heads have easy access to information about the people in their teams.

Management and leadership development

Our management and leadership development programme is called the Petrofac Pathway.

  • Managing the Petrofac Way

This is our induction programme for all newly appointed and recruited managers, and emphasises the Petrofac culture.

  • Supervisor Toolkit

The Supervisor Toolkit is designed for newly appointed supervisors who, for the first time, have responsibility for their colleagues.

  • Management Essentials

This is a programme concentrating on basic management skills for first-time managers.

  • Management and Leadership Development Programme

This is our ongoing programme covering more advanced management skills for mid-to-senior managers.

  • Leadership Excellence Programme

First introduced in 2011, and so far attended by around 320 senior leaders, this is an annual leadership event including a series of financial and people management sessions.

Graduate development

Attracting and developing the right graduates is one of the principles of our HR strategy.

Our graduate programmes are centrally coordinated through our Petrofac Academy and we have retained almost two-thirds of all those graduates hired since 2005.

Over half of all graduates hired have been identified as ‘high performing/high potential’ and one in five has progressed much faster than expected.

Performance management

We think it’s important for all our employees to understand the contribution they make to our success and what is expected of them.

Our performance management processes provide a standardised way of setting and reviewing employee objectives. They also emphasise the importance of our values and the role they play in our distinctive, delivery-focused culture.

Every year, we celebrate the employees who embody our values through the EVE (Excellence, Values, Energy) Awards.

We aim to recruit high-quality people from diverse backgrounds, provide them with a range of opportunities for their professional development, and to encourage the best ideas to come forward.

David Wigfield, Global Head of Talent and Capability