Expected behaviours

We aspire to be an ethical Company. 

We are guided by our core values and try to do the right thing for the Company and our stakeholders.

We have worked to clarify and embed what we believe are the right behaviours for our people, in every aspect of our work, at all levels. And we aim to make sure that everyone we work with is aware of our expected ethical behaviours as well.

Complying with the law

We expect everyone involved with Petrofac to comply with all laws and regulations that apply to our work, wherever we operate.

Our Compliance function helps the business meet its ethical and regulatory obligations. It also monitors any ethics and compliance risks, and determines, in partnership with our business, the correct response. We are however guided by one simple principle where complying with laws and regulations is concerned; at Petrofac, everyone is responsible for compliance.

Speaking Up if something seems wrong

We encourage everyone involved with Petrofac, whether they are an employee or not, to Speak Up if they have concerns about unethical behaviour or activity. Speak Up is our independently managed, confidential reporting helpline for employees and third parties.

We work hard to create an open risk-aware culture where employees feel they can raise concerns about the wrong kind of behaviour. We will protect anyone who reports a Code of Conduct violation in good faith.

Ensuring safe and compliant operations

We encourage our people and everyone we work with to be aware of safety, health and environmental risks. However, awareness is only part of what we expect. We also encourage everyone to consistently take steps to mitigate risk, so we can all enjoy safe working environments.

At the heart of our expected behaviour is a commitment to maintaining safe operations. Safety is one of our core values and our first priority, at all times, in all situations.

We are also very aware of the need to care for the environment. We have therefore designed policies and working practices that support our twin goals of zero accidents and zero environmental incidents.

Our people

Our success is built on a diverse and talented workforce united by strong values and respect for each other.

We value our people and treat everyone who works for or with us fairly and without discrimination. Through our training and professional development programmes, we help our employees achieve their professional goals and manage their personal priorities. We are also very proud to adhere to the United Nations Global Compact relating to labour standards, non-discrimination, child labour, and forced labour.

In our culture, everyone must be treated fairly, with courtesy and respect. And we will not tolerate any form of harassment or intimidation. 

Working with third parties

We seek honest, open relationships with all our business partners, based on fairness, trust and respect.

Transparency in all our dealings with third parties is extremely important to us. At all times, we seek fair and clear relationships, avoiding conflicts of interest and operating fairly, and within the law.

We will not tolerate bribery or corruption and we expect the same from our partners. We expect them to act in a way that is consistent with our values and Code of Conduct.

Working with communities

We respect the rights of, and engage with, communities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other community groups who work with us. Through our social investment initiatives we try to build strong relationships with clients and the communities. At all times, we seek to create lasting collaborative partnerships with local people, based on mutual respect and benefit.

Confidentiality and disclosure

In all our communications with shareholders and stakeholders, we strive to be clear and honest. We comply with all relevant rules, regulations and laws that are applicable to our status as a publicly quoted company.

Political activities

We also have a clear stance on political activity. We do not make political contributions or engage in political activity of any kind.

We aspire to the highest standards of ethical behaviour.