Board effectiveness and evaluation

We recognise the strong benefits of annual evaluation for the Board, its Committees, and for all Directors. The evaluation process also helps us to identify opportunities where we can change the way we do things.

Following this external evaluation in 2016, the Chairman held an internal review at the end of 2017, which consisted of one to one interviews with each Director and with the Secretary to the Board and the completion of a detailed questionnaire focusing on matters such as performance, interaction, dynamics and Board Committee performance. This rigorous process enabled the Chairman to assess performance and contribution, and identify development areas for individuals and for the Board as a whole. 

The overall outcome of the evaluation process was positive. As a result of this exercise, the Board is satisfied that it is operating effectively, with each Director performing well in respect of their roles on the Board and its Committees. As well as confirming where improvements have been made, the evaluation identified areas of focus for 2018. The results of the most recent evaluation process were presented to the Board in February 2018.

Governance Report

Our governance framework enables the Board to provide effective stewardship of the Company. Find out more in our Corporate Governance report