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Sharjah Sajaa gas plant

Sajaa gas plant

Project summary

December 2010

Start Date

November 2015

End Date

In 2010, Petrofac was awarded a five-year Duty Holder contract by the Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC) to operate the Sajaa Gas Plant located in Sharjah.

The Sajaa gas plant is not only an important source of export of revenue for the Emirate but it is strategically important in providing a large percentage of the fuel gas for the local power utility stations in Sharjah and as such attracts high visibility at senior Government levels.

In 2011, the Sharjah Government approved an investment project to install 12 gas compressors in the Sajaa, Moveyeid and Kahaif field areas to accelerate and access incremental gas production from the asset reservoirs. Petrofac has fully managed this US$ 44 million project from 2012 through to early 2014. The resultant incremental production has exceeded initial expectations and the project is expected to provide a full return investment in less than one year.

Petrofac has managed a number of successful integrity investment and repair projects, from the start of the project to date, significantly enhancing the status of asset integrity on the asset:

  • LPG Plant shutdown project to inspect critical vessels (March 2012) 
  • design, fabrication and installation of four new MOL Sieve towers to resolve long standing mechanical integrity concerns (2011-2012)
  • inspection and full internal repair of three condensate tanks with total capacity 550,000 barrels (2011-2012)
  • repair programme for ex-equipment on the asset (2012-2013)
  • extension of fire and gas system on the gas plant (2013)

The Sajaa asset reached the milestone of seven years and seven million man hours without a Lost Time Incident (LTI) in November 2013 and January 2014 respectively. The asset has undergone four major internal Safety and Integrity Audits and has been assessed as “well managed with a highly capable and conscientious team focused on continual improvement”

General Manager

Project Sajaa Peter Kavanagh 232X131

Peter Kavanagh

General Manager

It is a tremendous achievement to have transferred the operation of the Sajaa Asset in only 12 weeks while maintaining the highest level of safety performance. The concept of ‘one team’ has been truly embodied and exemplified throughout the transition.

AbdulKarim Al Mazmi, President, BP Sharjah Ltd (December 2010)

Petrofac has worked very successfully with SNOC on the Sajaa Asset over the first three years of the contract to maintain the high standards of safety on the asset, deliver high plant uptime and complete a number of high profile asset projects. It is a very important time in the lifecycle of the asset and it has been very valuable to have had Petrofac on board as Duty Holder operator in this time. 

Waleed Demas, CEO, Sharjah National Oil Company (January 2014)


Services provided

Duty holder contract – providing a full range of facilities management services to the Sharjah Government including: reservoir management, drilling and well services, plant operations and engineering and project management.


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