Our safety strategy

We’re committed to a future where we have zero safety incidents.  

With a significant increase in the number of man-hours worked across our projects, we're taking steps to maintain our safety performance – and we continue to enhance our well-established programme of health, safety, security, environment and integrity assurance (HSSEIA) measures. We also continue to refine the way we measure our performance and, during the past year, we launched 16 new global HSSEIA standards in key areas such as Workers' Welfare and Golden Rules Deviations Management.

Horizon Zero

Horizon Zero is our internal safety campaign, designed to help our teams eliminate the potential for incidents to occur on site or in the office.

Horizon Zero encourages each employee, and those we work alongside, to: 

  • Recognise hazards and reduce risk by identifying, understanding and dealing with them
  • Take personal ownership for safety by demonstrating personal commitment and competence throughout the organisation
  • Assure asset integrity by maintaining assets in a safe, reliable and efficient condition

We will achieve these objectives through leadership, communication, and co-operation.

Renewing our commitment to safety

The review of 2018’s safety incidents concluded that the Group benefits from a robust set of policies and systems. However, certain behaviours needed to be developed further, some competencies needed to be enhanced, and reporting needed to be more disciplined. A Safety Improvement Plan was therefore initiated to address the shortcomings. Themes included:

  • Site safety leadership – it was agreed that existing safety tools and processes (such as the Petrofac Assurance Index, the Golden Hour programme, and quarterly Business Unit Reviews) would be enhanced, to make the responsibilities of site leaders more explicit. Also, the scorecards of site leaders and managers are to be updated to include additional HSSEIA-related accountabilities.
  • Enhancing competencies – new requirements were agreed relating to various higher-risk operations and For example, a certified scaffolding manager is to be assigned to support each project, high risk trade-specific competency verification programmes are to be rolled-out across all projects, and additional HSSEIA support is to be provided to all sites entering the pre-commissioning and commissioning phases.
  • Addressing the risks of complacency - several measures were agreed to ensure that reporting is further enhanced, that breaches of rules and guidelines are appropriately addressed, that managers and leaders scrutinise the information presented to them, and that all employees and subcontractors continue to treat safety as a value.

Most of these measures were in place by the end of 2018, with the remainder scheduled for completion in early 2019.

Strengthening our safety culture

Alongside our Safety Improvement Plan, initiatives included:

  • Continuing to focus on safe driving driving-related incidents continue to bea major risk factor. Further enhancements were made in 2018 including defensive driver training programmes and journey management assessments.
  • Improving lifting safety – a new Rigging Competency Assessment System was introduced to ensure that qualified lifting specialists are available on all sites.
  • Supporting pre-commissioning and commissioning – several new process safety measures were introduced, including a new Commissioning HSS Boot Camp training programme and completions safety guidance handbook.
  • Making use of new technology– several new technological tools were introduced, including in-vehicle digital monitoring systems fitted to all Petrofac owned and leased vehicles, and a mobile phone app was developed to enable site leaders to access and input into the Petrofac Assurance Index electronically.
  • Listening to the business needs and setting the tone from the top – following on from previous years, we conducted 25 global ‘Safety Deep Dives’ at all our Business Unit headquarters. The output from these was fed into our annual Safety Leadership Conference attended by our 70 most senior leaders who together established common priorities that would be embedded in the Group HSSEIA Plan for 2019.

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